Who We Are

CW&P seeks to assist the technopreneurs, cooperatives, LGU, and the government to accomplish sustainability by introducing a very innovative and cost-effective means to improve Energy and Internet Infrastructure as a Service which we believe can jump-start the evolution of Smart Cities and LGUs for economic development nationwide and especially in the rural poor countryside.

Mission Statement

Traditional Companies
  • The focus is to sell you more to make more profit
  • Have a portfolio of products they want you to use
  • Single solution focused – not tailored
  • Some performance capabilities are restricted by home country export controls
  • Deliver and leave
Community Wireless
  • The focus is to make a profit by saving you money
  • Product agnostic –provide insight and the glue to optimize a solution to your challenges
  • Offer a selection of affordable tailored solutions where you can select your preference
  • Ability to identify applicable products from a global supplier base
  • Our solutions are focused on developing and maximizing local content and the capabilities needed for the long term

Value Proposition

We, at CW&P, have a very simple proposition for our clients we partner with:

  • We deliver a Real Solution to a Real problem – Win
  • Profitable and Sustainable – Win
  • We help those who strive to improve the lives of people – Win

Win-Win-Win, with the last most important win, is that we don’t mind investing in the right employees, partner and clients relationships built on trust.