Who We Are

Originally founded in 2012 as Greenlinx to support Hospitality, Casino and Natural Resource developments with infrastructure for Native American Tribal Nations in the US and after successful delivery of a 643 sq mile Broadband and Wi-Fi Network for Standing Rock Sioux Nation’s owned Telco, Standing Rock Telecom. In 2018, the CEO transitioned the ISP Developer to the Philippines renamed Community Wireless and Power Corporation, for expansion of the BPO Industry to the Provincial Market, as a  pioneer of the US BPO Industry, in partnership with the DICT, for growth Mindanao and Visayas. Secured a nationwide NTC License and became the first telecommunications company in the Philippines to offer a fully integrated Wireless, Fiber and VSat Hybrid Network for the Islands of the Archipelago.

Today, we are incubated with Unicorn Status by Microsoft and trace our humble beginnings to our relaunch from the United States at USTP Tech-Entrepreneurship Incubator in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental Province. Besides fast and redundant internet we also offer sustainable energy and consult with clients to provide managed services along with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a Service solution to improve business. CW&P seeks to assist Private Corporations, Cooperatives, and LGUs to accomplish sustainability by introducing a very innovative and cost-effective means to improve Energy and Internet Infrastructure as a Service which we believe can jump-start the evolution of Smart Cities and LGUs for economic development nationwide and especially in the rural poor countryside.

Mission Statement

Traditional Companies
  • The focus is to sell you more to make more profit
  • Have a portfolio of products they want you to use
  • Single solution focused – not tailored
  • Some performance capabilities are restricted by home country export controls
  • Deliver and leave
Community Wireless
  • The focus is to make a profit by saving you money
  • Product agnostic –provide insight and the glue to optimize a solution to your challenges
  • Offer a selection of affordable tailored solutions where you can select your preference
  • Ability to identify applicable products from a global supplier base
  • Our solutions are focused on developing and maximizing local content and the capabilities needed for the long term

Value Proposition

We, at CW&P, have a very simple proposition for our clients we partner with:

  • We deliver a Real Solution to a Real problem – Win
  • Profitable and Sustainable – Win
  • We help those who strive to improve the lives of people – Win

Win-Win-Win, with the last most important win, is that we don’t mind investing in the right employees, partner and clients relationships built on trust.