Our Collaboration Partners

The following are the Power 2 People Team:

Mae France McCorkle, Ph.D. | Chairwoman & President

Dr. Mae brings both leadership and a strong desire to improve the lives of her students.  Her tremendous commitment and focus resulted in building a new Information Technology Division for a prominent college in the oldest and second-largest city in the Philippines, Cebu.  As the college dean, she recruited a strong staff and executed a plan which successfully opened with 15% more students than expected in a field mostly dominated by males.  Mae has been a role model for a large percentage of female engineers who now participate in her program.

With a degree in Computer Engineering, a master’s degree in Management Engineering, and a doctorate in Human Resource Management, Dr. Mae leads our educational program. In addition to leading our efforts, Dr. Mae oversees the management of a family foundation that sends low-income high school students to school, tuition-free.

James McCorkle | Chief Executive Officer

James brings over 20 years of experience and achievement in business, technology and risk management. James is responsible for building strong client and partner relationships based on mutual needs and respect. With a unique understanding of big-picture issues, business and technology, whether it be resolving Hilton’s post Affirmative Action HR hiring issues or retooling applications for E*TRADE to compete for post the dot com boom.  James has been involved in ground-breaking ventures, assisting in the rollout and web marketing efforts for Netflix and Nuance the inventor of “Suri” as well as participating in the nation’s first electromagnetic litigation brought against the electric industry during his 16 years in the legal industry.

James is prepared to take over the mantle of Rosie McCorkle in the pursuit of educational excellence and job skills training outreach to the under-served and unserved youth and adults.

Rex Marvin G. Pullalan | Chief Technology Officer

Rex is the leader of our wireless networking and software development environment for CW&P customers. Rex having spent time as the owner of Binary Computer Systems from April 2011 to present has had over-all responsibility for all levels of technical operations (Web Development and Local Systems Development) in the enterprise. Rex served as the lead programmer, Cerebro Diagnostic Systems. Rex was focused on design and development of Varied Systems providing debugging, testing of developed Systems, client support, hardware/network Installations, network debugging.

Rex holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines.

Our team has a 2-year advantage over all competitors and are only getting started. Contact our info@communitywireless.ph for more details.