Cyberpoof - Cyber Security as a Service

CyberProof Inc., a UST Global Company, is the security services company, whose mission is to manage cyber risk for enterprise organizations by providing pioneering next generation services and technologies that adapt to the evolving threat landscape with cost effective prediction and detection, and accelerated response and recovery.

Advanced MSSP

A cost effective security operations platform that provides predictive automation and security orchestration with rapid response and recovery from cyber attacks.

Our advanced SOC provides a multi-tiered managed security services:

  • Real-time Monitoring: Real-time “Eyes on Glass” monitoring of logs, and detection of events. We use the CyberProof Defense Center to streamline and optimize alert management for faster, more accurate incident detection.
  • Malware/Forensics Analysis: Leverage nation-state level offensive and defensive security experts to provide in-depth analysis of logs, assets, and artifacts for cyber hunting and incident confirmation.
  • Incident Response: The IR team utilizes the CyberProof Defense Center to automate and orchestrate incident response processes so that the system responds in real-time. The IR Team ensures proactive preparation, management and recovery from attacks and breaches, providing root cause analysis identification and full incident investigation, reporting and recovery.
  • Threat Intelligence: A Threat Intelligence team provides manual and automated threat identification on the open and dark web.
  • Continuous Vulnerability Intelligence: A nation-state hacking team utilizing advance persistent threat methodologies and automated capabilities to proactively assess and analyze people, networks and systems to identify vulnerabilities and prevent critical incidents.
  • Security System Management: Management of security systems and platforms, and log flow fine-tuning based on a continuous playbook development framework.

The CyberProof Advantage

  • We integrate and orchestrate multiple data sets, such as targeted Intel, Red team intel, user behaviour, vulnerability information
  • We leverage AI, virtual Bots, machine learning, and automation into an optimized collaboration platform
  • Our cost effective offshore or nearshore locations dramatically reduce the cost of running and operating SOCs
  • We directly integrate with your existing infrastructure to increase responsiveness and reduce the cost of remediation for higher cyber resiliency