For cities, farming & residential communities, school campuses and industrial complexes we provide a smart camera, sensors and drone interface to bring granular monitoring for a number of automated applications such as: security, smart farming, wireless parking, energy and water meter management, facial, image and pattern recognition as well as license plate scanning.

LED Streetlight Key Benefits

  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Secondary optics compatible to streetlight standard
  • High efficiency constant current driver
  • Extended aluminium housing
  • Glare free & flicker free light
  • High PF & low THD
  • Cut – off at higher voltage
  • Dimming provision with CCMS
  • Future ready dimming with RF


  • Total security around you.24X7 surveillance.
  • High resolution with data back-up.
  • Viewing angle 130 degrees.
  • Wifi – 2.4Ghz.
  • Data backup on server available of 1 week.
  • Extended on demand upto 1 month.
  • Applicable to indoor & outdoor application.
  • Easy to monitor data.
  • Easy to install & maintenance free.


  • Junction roads
  • Public place road
  • Crime Deterrent Neighborhoods