Broadband & Micro Energy Network

eSariSari Micro Wealth Generation

  • With over 1 million SariSari Stores in the Philippines our aim is to empower those entrepreneurs to provide a virtual Data Sachets to their neighborhoods nationwide.
  • We empower Tech-Entrepreneurs as well as MSMEs to build ecommerce, BPO@Home as well as enhance their ability to take on digital money for both local and global virtual services.

Wired and Wireless Broadband

With CWPC our partner clients get the best of both fiber to the home, buidling and desktop along with wireless solutions. Today users spend 80% of their time at home or work and are not sitting idle. Our integration of streetlight wireless put data availability and sustainable access at our users finger tips.

Micro Energy Network 

The CW&P Micro Energy Network demand response program provides incentives to customers for temporarily reducing their power demand in response to:

  1. Periods of high wholesale electricity prices
  2. Grid system resource capacity shortages
  3. Grid system reliability events
  4. Economic curtailment incentives

CW&P’s Micro Energy Network is group of renewably minded commercial, institutional, and industrial businesses joined together forming a virtual clean energy power plant providing reliability services to Grid Operators in exchange for a payment.

The Micro Energy Network enables your business to provide an insurance policy against grid failure by reducing your consumption according to the predetermined measures and comfort levels that makes sense for your operations, and like an insurance provider your business is paid a “premium” for your contribution to the grid.

The Micro Energy Network is called to action when an emergency “event” threatens to disrupt the flow of power to the community. While historically these emergency “events” are exceedingly rare, MicroEnergy Network’s 24/7/365 Operations Center is prepared and ready to respond to the Grid Operator’s request for emergency assistance.  When unforeseen circumstances escalate beyond the control of the Grid Operator, CW&P is notified and responds by alerting the MicroEnergy Network of the impending circumstances and immediately sends deployment signals to the MicroEnergy Network site control server installed at each facility initiating the execution of the predefined energy load reduction measures.

The MicroEnergy Network’s aggregated resources are equivalent to a large generating plant coming online to provide the necessary capacity to stabilize the grid and prevent a loss of power to the community.

In addition to providing the community with power grid reliability, participation reduces the need for the development of new power generation plants which lessens the associated environmental impact new generation plants bring to the community.

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