Property Owners/Managers and HOAs

Energy Assessments

  • Free energy assessment of Rebates, Grants and other financial programs which can benefit client
  • Energy Bill analysis for demand charges and baseline usage compared to industry averages

Energy Audits/Benchmarking

  • Our experienced team of Energy Sustainability Specialists provide a no risk proposal and detailed Audit of opportunities
  • Client is presented with results and asked to make a commitment for long term sustainable savings and participation in the CWPC Benchmarking Program a new standard in commercial and industrial building maintenance and property management.

Energy Improvement via Utility Rebates

  • For large use clients we enter into discussions with their utility for approval of projects
  • We assist as a Client Side Sustainability Assistant in the purchasing process to ensure that a best of breed solution is in their best interest

Sustainable Solution Deployment

  • LED Lighting
  • Alternative Generation (Wind/Solar)
  • Conventional Generation (Natural Gas/Waste to Energy)
  • Combined Heat & Power (Turbine or Engine Based Generation with use of waste heat for HVAC Needs)
  • HVAC Automation & Optimization (Wireless Controls/Smart Systems)
  • Competitive Supply (Broker for Market Driven Deregulated Markets)