Smart Homes Condos and Apartments

Energy Assessments

  • Residential Homeowners receive a no cost Energy Assessment of their home.
  • Each CW&P Residential Consultant will do a thorough analysis for those qualifying homes for our Residential Program.
  • Energy Bill, Windows, Insulation and General Repairs will be assessed for entry into the Program.

Energy Improvement via Utility Rebates

  • Residential Homeowners will be giving a no cost review of Energy Consumption to see if their home qualifies for any energy efficiency and improvement programs.

Sustainable Solution Deployment

  • Eligible Homeowners will receive customized no to low risk integrated energy efficiency proposals from our Experienced CW&P Residential Consultants for the following:
    • Solar Lease and/or Power Purchase Programs
    • LED Lighting Retrofits
    • Exterior Coating Solutions
    • Roofing & Insulation Improvements