Government Agencies and Local Government Units

CWPC Offers LGUs and Economic Zones:

  • a No Capital Expenditure for both LED Streetlight Upgrade, and
  • a Low Capital Expenditure Broadband Network Solutions powered by DICT


  • Economic Enterprise for marketing to businesses and citizens relocation to your LGU.
  • Provincial, Municipal and Citywide Improved Internet Access with DICT backbone and internet services relating to the Facebook supply agreement.
  • Improved ability to govern with improved communications and a mobile workforce for public safety, public health and governance.

Energy Assessments

  • Free energy assessment of Rebates, Grants and other financial programs which can benefit client
  • Energy Bill analysis for demand charges and baseline usage compared to industry averages

Energy Audits/Bench-marking (DOE)

  • Our experienced team of Energy Sustainability Specialists provide a no risk proposal and detailed Audit of opportunities
  • Client is presented with results and asked to make a commitment for long term sustainable savings and participation in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Bench-marking Program a new standard in municipalities and government building maintenance and property management.

Energy Improvement via Utility Rebates

  • For large use clients we enter into discussions with their utility for approval of projects
  • We assist as a Client Side Sustainability Assistant in the purchasing process to ensure that a best of breed solution is in their best interest

Sustainable Solution Deployment

  • LED Lighting
  • Alternative Generation (Wind/Solar)
  • Conventional Generation (Natural Gas/Waste to Energy)
  • Combined Heat & Power (Micro Turbine or Engine Based Generation with use of waste heat for HVAC Needs)
  • Competitive Supply (Electricity Broker for Market Driven Deregulated Markets)

LGU Broadband Network

Wired and Wireless Broadband

With CWPC our partner clients get the best of both fiber to the home, building and desktop along with wireless solutions. Today users spend 80% of their time at home or work and are not sitting idle. Our integration of streetlight wireless put data availability and sustainable access at our users finger tips.


  • Highly experienced global professional blended with consulting & product development background on wired/wireless communication technology & IoT
  • Aptech leading software development, IT and AI Teaching organization in the global market with the largest digital testing platform in the world

The LGU Business Model 

CWPC has launched on all three Philippine Islands (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) to promote internet services for municipalities in accordance with the DICT National Broadband Plan. We have a strong background of more than 15 years experience in the same field. Community Wireless will hold a share of the business nationwide for the broadband services while the Electric Cooperative and each participating LGU or Economic Zone will also have a share.